Anna Adlard

  • Expertise in design thinking, innovation, and human-centered design
  • Known for taming complexity
  • 15+ years leading research-driven strategy work
  • 10+ years managing cross-functional teams and programs

Anna is an instinctive connector, channeling empathy with skill as she leads clients through Workshop’s human-centered process. In the context of primary research, Anna’s knack for understanding people is an asset: she unlocks insights with a light hand.

Anna is not one to shy away from a challenge. She has a reputation for creating thoughtful solutions to complex problems. Anna has a systems brain: her organized mind turns strategy into an implementation plan naturally.

Workshop thrives at the intersection of strategy and operations. Anna excels at distilling high-level strategy into discrete, actionable steps. She creates order out of chaos, guiding Workshop’s clients forward with confidence.

Ben Adlard

  • Expertise in human-centered design, product management, and strategic operations
  • Known for navigating easily between big-picture strategy and nitty-gritty details
  • 15+ years working in software development and digital technology
  • 10+ years working in product management in the U.S. and South Africa

Ben is a precisionist with an appreciation for details, and he never hesitates to dive deep. Ben excels at finding the big picture from complex data. His ability to extract meaningful insight lays the foundation for smart strategy.

Ben also has a mind for implementation. He develops precise roadmaps, recognizing which details demand attention and in what order. He is adept at assessing the resources needed to support a strategy, leading clients toward an implementation plan tailored to their needs.

Workshop operates at the intersection of strategy and detail. Ben integrates Workshop’s recommendations with a client’s existing technology systems and business processes, bringing strategy to life through an actionable plan.