Long before our engagement with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), we led a workshop with Google and Cradle to Cradle that yielded an apt description of the dangerous substances in modern products: “We’re living in an Age of Toxicity.” We discussed what would it take to reverse this and create a world in which safe products are the norm.

EDF approached Workshop asking this poignant question: how might EDF use their resources and influence to reduce pervasive toxic chemicals in our everyday lives? To help them identify the best path forward, we leaned on our domain expertise in material health.

We engaged in an extensive landscape analysis, investigating the spectrum of global players involved in addressing toxic chemicals. We analyzed the ecosystem of related software solutions, NGO programs and regulatory activity. We also completed a dozen in-depth interviews with regulatory and business leaders to ascertain where EDF should plug in to efforts underway.

This assignment required us to: analyze the landscape around EDF’s challenge, makes sense of complex information from multiple data points, and develop a scorecard to help the EDF evaluate their options and choose the most impactful strategy.